Jumat, 29 Mei 2009

best draw so far...

in fact people always looking for a peace in the end. people reach it use so many different ways, but there'll always be the same destination in the end "peace"(but Hitler). that's why i name this work "life", my best draw so far...

pada kenyataannya semua orang mencari kedamaian, meskipun melalui jalan yang berbeda-beda tetapi hanya satu tujuan akhir "kedamaian".

software using: Adobe Illustrator

time needed: 4,5 hours

line draw

people use to tell me "you're an  artist,I really like your line drawings"

then i said to them"i'm not an artist, i'm just someone who like to draw and share it to the world"

this picture was taken few mounth ago when me and my classmate go to beach, i'm just wanna recapturing that moment..

gambar ini dibuat beberapa bulan lalu waktu maen ke pantai sama temen-temen kampus...

software using: adobe illustrator.

time needed: 2,5 hours (lumayan buat alibi gak mandi)