Senin, 15 November 2010

komodo dragon

line draw by me.. add some freak classic style of royal family or something... add some komodo dragon too to add some more freak:p
created in : Adobe Illustrator
style : B&W line-draw, from rough sketch
app time : 2 hours 

coloring by copycat kind like glowing or something, i guess he didn't use my tablet pen LOL..
but i kinda like the shading, it's make the perpective bit balance :p
created in : Adobe photoshop(i guess LOL)
style : contemporer:p
app time : N/A

foxy lady

the idea was just draw some royal hunter's wife or something.. but i kind make the lady blind to add some unique to the  character. created with an inspirational owl pict from papay
add the tiger to cover the botttom of the dress(kind hard to create the bottom line:p)

created in : Adobe Illustrator
style : B&W line-draw
app time : 3 hours (the composition took me long time to arrange)