Sabtu, 26 September 2009

final project on uni(UNS)

hey there...
here's my final project on uni(UNS surakarta, indonesia)..
download it and please leave a comment, i'd like to discuss it with anyone...
sorry i can't reach the net again this lately, i must 'lil bit concentrate on my study on my new uni on ISI Surakarta, Indonesia... i'll post my work as soon as i got one and finish it:lol

ummm, i'd like to say thanks again for visiting us, the other guy on this blog(copycat) have some nice work such as sketch draw such pen on paper, oil on paper, water on paper, some sculpture, shoes painting, body painting, mehendi, etc(some manual art works). while me concern on digital work, digital illustration, animation(2D and 3D), etc(some digital art works). so when u think u need it, it'd be nice if u call us. or if u need some space to discuss,we'd like to do it:lol

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